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          Welcome and thank you for checking out our website! What exactly brings together Flavor, Fire & Flowers?

While a world with endless possibilities exists beyond these words and your fingertips, the answer is actually quite simple.

Everything we make is made with love.

Love for everything tasty and spicy. Love for everything beautiful nature provides.

Our Stories

          We could go on and on forever. There's been so many adventures, so much trial and tribulation. Unexplained mysteries beyond imagination and so many lessons learned. Maybe someday we'll publish our story. Our website is under construction again to make some changes for much that is new & exciting! Thank you for checking in as we encourage you in

the meantime to dream of a better world to come and maybe some hot sauce on the side.



We (still) are:   Flavor Fire & Flowers

          Here is just a chapter and a glimpse into this wild world. Josh as you will learn, down to every molecule, is Flavor & Fire. Stephie is a living, breathing branch of nature and is deeply rooted with a creative talent that is limitless. Josh loves all of nature's creations and everything Stephie creates with nature's creations. He is always waiting to see what she will do next. Stephie also loves Flavor & Fire. Josh provides quite the abundance of both.

          It began billions of years ago, ok maybe more like ten years ago in a big bang of

explosive flavor and delicious fire! Deep inside a legendary blender the Angry pepper was born to burn and the story began to unfold. To learn more about this saga, check out Hot Sauce, Ryan Mauger's Worst Nightmare on Facebook. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, think again.

          So then there was hot sauce! Did hot sauce exist before this? Who are we to say. Then came some tasty spicy food to share with all! Hot Sauce was abundant, is abundant and we

hope... always will be. So there's that.  


          No? Not yet? Ok, so how the heck do the flowers come into the story. Well, at first they just started showing up at events next to delicious food and hot sauce. Since then it has evolved. Josh and Stephie both love sharing. As a matter of fact, they were just giving away a lot of what they made most of their lives.

           So that's were they are today. In order to keep sharing all of their gifts to as many

people as possible, this business was created to share, excite and ignite your senses in as many ways as possible.

          Josh and Stephie also believe in a better future for the planet. For you and for future generations to come. They both try their best to live a Earth friendly, animal friendly lifestyle, and are 100% plant powered so you better believe that all that energy flows into everything they do. This business is built on this strong foundation of love and compassion for all.

Thank you so much, we hope you enjoy!

Stephanie & Joshua

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