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Do you or does someone you know appreciate hot sauce? How about hot sauce that has the heat and also delicious flavor? Well, we have you covered there.

Looking for a unique gift for the holidays, birthdays or just for any occasion? Interested in seeing yourself or someone else you know on a hot sauce label?

Choose a template from below or choose from one of our featured winners below here on the website from our Facebook page. Then click on the "Shop" link above and choose the Custom Label Hot Sauce size and flavor and proceed to checkout. After your purchase, return to this page and fill out the Contact form below. The photo will be transformed, modified & converted with graphics/artwork into your/their own Hot Sauce Label (see example on Facebook link below) for you and/or others to enjoy.

Have something in mind you'd like? Just let us know.

Want to get to a real live person?!?  Just call 484-624-9237

You can also "Get Burned" and if you're interested you can learn why Hot Sauce is Ryan Mauger's Worst Nightmare, who also is the legendary "Burned #1". To find out more and learn about the chance to be the next monthly feature "Burned" click here          For the "Get Burned" entry click here

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Template #1

Template #2

Template #3


Your pic to pepper or

  burned conversion


Submit your pic!

Submit your pic!

Submit your pic!

Submit your pic!

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