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Welcome to my world of custom arrangements!

Thank you so much for visting!  I love to speak with

flowers and I love to share. I have always been

genuinely delighted in creating unique bouquets from

my gardens and appreciate the ability to utilize all of

the different textures, shapes, colors and plant parts at

their varying stages of growth throughout the seasons.

My gardens are all organically grown. They contain an

abundance of pollinator and critter friendly native

plants as well as a smattering of good old fashioned

perennials and annuals ever changing throughout the seasons and years. Please understand that my fresh floral bouquets are only available through the growing seasons. As for the darker, chillier months I will be more concentrated on my Floral Soil Living Botanical Arrangements. Each one of my arrangements is a unique living, growing piece of art. Succulents are some of nature's beautiful creations that are so pleasing to admire and so easy to take care of.

                          Whether you would like to give a     unique gift, enhance and decorate a wedding, party or other event, or just buy them for yourself, they can make a wonderful addition to any environment and add simple pleasure to any moment in life. Each arrangement will also include simple care instructions so it won't just will thrive!

Please fill out the form below. If you have specific needs, whether for a event or special occasion, I recommend contact by phone so we can discuss all your details. Otherwise, just enter as much info as

you can and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!

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